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Tornado Disaster Plan

All employees are to keep abreast of weather when possible. This FastCommand site can be utilized for weather updates.

Click Here For "Weather Updates"

Unless a Tornado Alert is announced, all other departments/units will continue normal routine.


1. A Tornado Alert will only be announced if a tornado has been spotted in proximity to or traveling towards the hospital.  When this announcement is heard, and if both time and conditions permit:

     a. Patients should be protected by the most feasible and practical means available, such as:
          1) Closing windows and window blinds.
          2) Covering patients with blankets.
          3) Moving patients into the hallways.

     b. Move to interior areas and avoid windows.

2. Security will notify all off site facilities of Tornado Alerts.

3. Offsite facilities should follow the procedures listed above. 
4. Offsite facilities should designate a person as a spotter if they dont have security officers at their site.


1.Tornado Watch Set by NOAA when formation of a tornado is possible as a result of severe weather.  Generally covers a wide area.  Local Civil Defense will further define area if possible.  Public announcement will not be made over PA system.

2.Tornado Warning Set by NOAA or local Civil Defense when a tornado has been sighted visually or by radar in the general warning area.  Public announcement will not be made over PA system.

3.Tornado Alert Set by Memorial when a tornado has been spotted in proximity to or traveling towards the hospital.  Tornado Alert may be authorized by the Senior Administrator in-house, the Administrative Supervisor (after hours) or the Security Officer who spots the tornado in proximity of the hospital.  Announcement will be made in accordance with Emergency Preparedness Plan criteria for disaster announcements.